Student Leaders

As a student leader, you must not only have a wealth of Knowledge, but also have the skills to communicate with others. Moreover, you should have a prior understanding of yourself, the courage to face difficulties, and the determination to solve problems. On the other hand, besides expressing your opinions, you should also humbly accept criticism, know how to Care and respect others. In this academic year, I hope that you can play the fine tradition of togetherness (2-getherness) of our school, cooperate with each other, enhance the ability to solve problems and in a glad Yoke-bearing spirit, contribute your effort to lead all the students to build a good campus!

In this academic year, we hope to raise the following traits of our student leaders:
1.    Collaborative abilities: Learn how to discuss issues from different opinions, express themselves clearly and accept others' suggestions, synthesize and analyze opinions, and finally reach a consensus.
2.    Cooperative spirit: Understand that each person has different traits, experience the role of different characters in the group; understand the limitation of each person, experience the importance of group cooperation, and understand the importance of teamwork at work.
3.    Responsibility: Through different experience activities and different divisions of labor, students can understand their responsibilities. At the same time, using different situations, students can know their responsibility as a student and student leader.

The student leaders are mainly the chairpersons or presidents of different teams, such as the President of the Student Union, Head Prefect, House Captains, etc. The well-performing students will be elected as Head Students.

Setting up Outstanding Student Leader Awards
The school is committed to discovering the potential of students, and is looking forward to developing students' multiple intelligences and cultivating students with sports and arts services and leadership talents. Each year, students with potential and ambition will be selected and given leadership training. Students who perform well will receive the Outstanding Student Leader Award.

 (Head Students)
Student leaders of last academic year with outstanding performance will be elected as Head Students.
They will be role models for students in this academic year to help the school promote different activities and development.


2019-20 Head Student

From left to right: 6C Cheng Ho Wai, 6C Hau Yu Laam, 6C Yeung Ho Hang, 6C Chuck Gee Yin

2018-19 Head Student

2017-18 Head Student

2016-17 Head Student

2015-16 Head Student

​2014-15 Head Student

​2014-15 Head Student

2013-14 Head Student

2012-13 Head Student

2011-12 Head Student

2010-11 Head Student

Christ Followers Chairperson

Christ Followers Chairperson

Student Union Chairperson


Head Prefect


House Captain